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So, you decided to take your finances under control. Great! Now you must think what to do next.

First of all, you need to check out your credit and savings accounts and this will make your budget smarter and controlled. We can help you with managing and reminding when your credit card bills are due.

Than we do automatically detect your recurring Bills and Income with the help of a sophisticated algorithm. This part of the set-up is crucial, as bills and paychecks are n the center of every budget.

The next important step is to set up your monthlygoals. Right now, it may be hard to believe that you could be saving some money but it is so. Just try to believe! Any amount will make you feel better.

Now you are ready to go on. Unique algorithm of our system makes countings based on your incomes, savings goal, transacitions, bills and ongoing expenses. So, it shows how much money is leftover for everyday spending. You will find more information in this article below. And we`ll tell you about Caitieb best features that will help you to control your cash, analyze your expenses and spend less.

1. Transactions

As you know, Caitieb automatically pulls out transactions from your accounts when you link them to the app. You can view the full list from all connected accounts on the special tab. In case you don’t want to see them, you can find out how to hide it here: How to hide my transactions/ Your transactions are automatically divided into various categories (we call them “wallets”), depending on the merchant concerned. Unfortunately, application sometimes identifies a merchant or category incorrectly. We are working on improving it.

To change the category of a transaction, just open its details > tapwallet and choose the new one. Caitieb will also learn from your preferences as it goes along.

Find more information on merchants and categories here:

2. Spending pie-chart

So, you can go ahead and analyze your budget. The perfect tool for this purpose is our special spending chart. It shows all the cash flows you’ve made over the current month divided into categories. It’s the best way to see where your money goes. Read more about this function here: Spending Chart

3. Spending limits

With this perfect function you will stop making overspendings.

Sometimes its hard for people to stop spending money. They buy 10 pairs of shoes, another pair of jeans, grab another coffee and so on.

All these extra expenses can reach an impressive amount that you can safe or invest into something.

Now, it`s time to set limits! Go to Planning>Set a limitand create spending limits for the current month. You will always get notified when you are about to cross the line.

More information about this function: Spending Limits

5. Adding more accounts

If the current number of accounts is not enough, you can add more.To see the full list of available accounts, go to Settings > Edit accounts.

6. Savings

Don`t forget to safe your money by adding a special account. A little advise: make transfers towards your savings aims just after getting a paycheck.

To learn more: Savings

7. In My Wallet

“In My Wallet” shows how much money is left for your everyday spending after all other transactions made.

We recommend checking your “In My Wallet” daily or at least weekly . It will rescue you from all those impulse overspendings.

In case you have any problems with “In My Wallet”, please send an alert to [email protected]

Now have all the basics to get the most out of Caitieb App.

We are always there for you!

One thought on “ Quick Guide to Caitieb App

  1. John Nelson says:

    Great service! Thank you so much.
    Just one question – will you have any updates of your ‘In my wallet’ function? Sometimes it`s hard to download my transactions because of some system errors.

    Thank you in advance for your answer!

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