Are you good at your freelance fuss?

Fuss. It might be the most usable word in marketing to freelancers. But what does it actually mean? What does it mean ‘to fuss’? From my freelance experience, making a fuss isn’t something you have the extraordinary of doing, but it’s what you have to do in order to survive. There’s a sense of urgency to the word because let’s clear it up, most of the time we are fussing to pay our bills, purchase food and other stuff. What could actually be more urgent?

In thinking about all these things I may note some qualities I’ve seen in the best among people who make fuss.

And here are they:

  1. They are insistent. The important part is they can hear a negative reaction or answer and still keep going to achieve their goals. Such people see doors shut in their faces as a personal contest to get the next one open. They don`t give up and don`t change course to get what they really want.
  2. They are good in managing their budgets. Such people understand that their regular income totally depends on their employment and amount of work to be done. This month it can be more and another – less. That is why it`s very important to control their money and be informed about every changes and bills to be paid on time. Very often they use digital applications to control their cash flows.
  3. They stay in touch. People who are good at the fuss know and strictly follow idiom ‘out of sight and out of mind’. They know that if they remember clients of their existence, they`ll get a job. Such people are proactive about keeping them updated, following up recent news and tendencies on their new work.
  4. They use all opportunities presented to them. They don’t see a job as a ‘one off’, cause they want to build prospective mutually beneficial collaboration with a client. To make sure they get rehired, they meet deadlines, strive to impress client, make their best to show their skills. They want to make a client thinking positively about their work and be eager to work with them again.
  5. They react adequately to critics. They are always open to learn from someone else’s opinion and look for feedback to improve their knowledge. They know that developing their own skill set is the only way to succeed in the life.
  6. They can deal with competition. Successful hustlers are in touch with reality and know exactly what their levels are. They see competition as motivation to make themselves better and achieve new heights.
  7. They can easily get out of their comfort zones . Good hustlers deal with their fear of going to uncomfortable events, conferences, birthday or other parties that are far away from their home and inconvenient to get to them. They do it intentionally in order to train themselves and to be up-to-date, interesting person.

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