About us

Caitieb was founded in 2018 in Leeds. From that time a lot of changes have taken place in banking environment and people`s lives. Nevertheless, our team has always tried to be on the top of money management system and personal assistance. The first application was installed in 1995 and had about 500 users. Nowadays our application is useful for more than 40,000 people all over USA and abroad. We take care of every our users` budget.

Caitieb is a closed and secured system of your money management, assistance and control. We are linked to Touchstore, Intact, Retail Solutions, CBE and other sale providers.

Our staff have no access to your personal data in order to keep it protected from fraud. All transactions and operations are calculated by automatic digital system. It helps also to avoid mistakes and risks.

Other advantage of the system is that there is no need to organize your budget yourself. Our application does it for you by analyzing, counting and forecasting your expenses, incomes and savings. Special multitasking bank assistant function will help manage your budget and predict your future cash flow. You can easily set up monthly regular bills in order to make your life comfortable, not being afraid of late payments and debts.

We love our customers, partners and build the best budgeting software for peoples` easy life. Every day our professionals are working on development and improvement of Caitieb App. We`ve made a lot of changes in order to adapt and optimize our system with up-to-date economic environment. Contact us and be in touch with your personal manager, so you`ll have no problems with your bills, credit score, incomes and savings. Change your life for the better and your wishes will come true!