Frequently asked questions

Getting started

What is Caitieb App?

Caitieb App is a unique financial instrument for your money management and control.

How much cash does your system hold?

Our system can hold up to 20,000 USD.

How does it work

What should I do first to start working with your application?

You can contact our managers or just buy our application by one click on our web-site.

What gadget should I use to access Caitieb App?

You can access to Caitieb App from any laptop, desktop or smartphone.

How does Caitieb App allow for cash refund in case of unwanted product resturn?

The POS register every transactions, so you can easily find your`s and notice it as a return. For more information you can always contact our managers.

Transactions and budgets

How can I add/edit a transactions?

Go to Transactions section and just click ‘Add/Edit Transaction’.

How does your Caitieb App categorize my transactions?

We use an automatic categorization engine so we can make downloaded transactions easier. The Caitieb engine learns and evolves based on our customer data so it may monitor different names than you would expect.

How can I see a whole picture of my budget?

Caitieb App can always update you with your current financial situation. Just go to Home page and see all your account and bills status. For more information you can always contact our managers.