Caitieb App MG App develops and sells world leading products and services for efficient, closed and secure cash handling. Thu, 13 Dec 2018 09:36:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Expanding Caitieb Support Wed, 28 Nov 2018 14:57:32 +0000 Here at Caitieb we know you’ve been looking for a faster response from our support team, and we are proud to share that we’ve been working hard on our special community.

Today, we announce two new support upgrades that will help get you the support you need 24 hours per day, 7 days in a week.

  • Online Chat

With the launch of our online chat you can now have a conversation with your manager right in the application. If you unexpectedly leave Caitieb App while chatting with us, we’ll send you a notification once we’ve responded. Our aim of communicating with you in such a way is to provide you with effective and quick support. The support team is looking forward to being able to get in touch with you in real time.

If you have any questions and want to contact us, here’s 4 simple steps:

  1. Open the drawer by swiping right or tapping the four horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner and then choose ‘Support Team’.
  2. Select the topic that describe your problem
  3. Select the Article that describes your problem. If it doesn’t help, just click on ‘Contact Us’.
  4. Our support managers will answer you as quickly as they can. Communicating with us feels like talking to a friend! Just make sure you have Caitieb App downloaded on your device.
  • Upgraded Caitieb App Search

Our Caitieb App Help Center has been upgraded with new, searchable FAQs and articles. Now you can find relevant information just by searching with a few key words. For example, if you`re looking for information on how to take your money from your bank – type ‘take’ and you’ll see all of the relevant articles. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Just click on ‘Contact Us’.

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Explore the future of shopping Thu, 22 Nov 2018 14:32:43 +0000 Times of going shopping to stores and malls will soon be over. New digital technologies has the power to transform your shopping experience. From transporting customers to another world to showcase products and let them try virtual life, and pay by one click. And this is the future. Here are some examples of how the future of shopping will be transformed by new digital applications coming from brands that are already testing the waters.

Before its huge Prime Day sale, Amazon opened VR kiosks in 10 shopping malls across USA. Guests took a virtual hot air balloon ride and could walk through items slated to be featured in the sale. They could see the size, test the functions and get more information about the products. Amazon showcased its products virtually and still gave customers a chance to interact with the products before making a purchase.

It’s not every day customers buy decorative crystal home accessories. But when they do it, they can first experience the items through special application. MasterCard, Caitieb and Swarovski joined up to showa new line of home decor items through a VR app. Customers can see the items around the house, learn about how to use them in their design and get much more information. To make a purchase, customers simply focus on the Caitieb App button at the bottom of the product description.

Tommy Hilfiger lets customers experience its runway shows through VR. Most people can’t afford to buy seat to a fashion show in real life, but through VR they can make it easily by exploring backstage and get up close with clothes and other stuff. The VR experience is only available in select Tommy Hilfiger online stores with a special mark of Caitieb App and lets guests see the clothes virtually before they try them on in real life.

A tropical vacation sounds great, especially in the middle of winter. Caitieb, Sony and Carnival Cruises transported guests around the world virtually as a way to showcase the new Sony VR technology. While visiting Sony stores, customers can experience a Carnival Cruise through VR application  and be entered to win the trip of a lifetime. Using VR also helped customers see what a Carnival Cruise is like before they booked it.

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Give yourself a raise! Thu, 22 Nov 2018 14:31:00 +0000 What you can do to be a little richer?

It’s amazing how much more you get out of life when you decide where to spend your money before letting them ‘go from your pocket’. It’s a great difference between telling about or paying off all of your debts (including your credit cards, appartment or car loans!).

Sure, the perks of budgeting should not be underestimated. But there are other ways to increase your level of life. For example, and unsurprisingly getting a raise. Researches show that if you make less than 100,000 USD per year, a increasing in pay can make you happier. Researches also show that being lavish can make you happier.

So, if X equals Y, and Y equals Z, it only goes to show that being lavish is equivalent to become a little richer. It’s the transitive property at work. And, people, you really can’t argue with that. Would you care to help us prove the theory? We’d love it if you join us this week for …

The November Contest: Be a Kind Person

All jokes aside, when you actually do wind up feeling more grateful and satisfied with your own life. It’s easy to feel sick and tired of mountain of bills, payments, credits etc. Especially when you’re correcting your spending habits… But, if you stop to appreciate what you’ve already got and stimulate yourself to act in the spirit of magnanimity, you’ll be surprised at how rich life can be.

I`ve just told you that being generous is a key to your happiness, but on other hand don’t be vtoo much altruistic. Sure, you understand me. You will likely feel better if you participate in our contest where everybody wins! And do not worry, cause you don’t need money to be lavish. Kindness counts and there are unlimited ways to make someone’s day better. Here are a few ideas, most of which are totally free:

  • Donate your unwanted clothing and staff to someone who need them more
  • Wish a stranger a good day by picking up the drive-thru tab
  • Pet-sit for a traveling or sick neighbor
  • Cook something nice to share with people around you.
  • Make time to call your old, dear friend who lives far away from you or somewhere near. Wish them good health, good day and share your good mood. Your schedule isn’t that hectic.
  • Volunteer with local charities—find out what your community needs, and fill the gap.
  • Simply smile to somebody on the street. It can last for miles!
  • Volunteer your professional skills

And, sure, you can always budget a few dollars to somebody.

Small things can move mountains! Let’s do this together.

Join the Contest!

Will you join us in performing one act of kindness each day this November? We’ll be watching out for you on social media, under the hashtag #lavishnovember. Or just ost about your generosity in the Caitieb Forum. We want to see what you’re able to!

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Do I Need a Credit Card for my Business? Thu, 22 Nov 2018 14:29:00 +0000 Money is always a top consideration for every kind of business. Whether you’re just opening your business or looking to expand it, it is important to have a liquid capital or a line of credit. Many entrepreneurs use a business loan, but that’s not always sufficient for working budget. Lots of such businessmen, especially which bootstrapping their companies, a dedicated business credit card is one option.

Undoubtedly, credit cards must be controlled and managed wisely. If you can you’re your credit debt, a business card could be a great alternative to taking out a loan.

Business card variants

Credit card issuers such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc. offer their customers cards tailored to owners of small businesses. Many of these cards come with special benefits that can accumulate as users make payments. Some of the most common benefits are airline miles, extra cards for employees, rewards points, savings on business supplies and so on.

Some financial analytics recommend using credit cards to finance a startup. But if you get a business card, it should remain completely separate from your personal credit cards. Mixing personal and business credit purchases makes it difficult to sort through and manage your business expenses and payments. Keeping such cards separate will also allow you to take advantage of monthly, quarterly or annual statements provided by your credit card issuer. These statements can be very helpful when you’re controlling expenses.

Credit card companies also offer low interest rates on new cards. No-interest credit cards give you opportunity for a limited time to finance your business without paying a percent of interest. Nevertheless, missing a payment due date or not paying it at all before the deal ends could result in huge fees – on the whole balance, not just the remainder of what you owe.

The back side of using credit cards in your business

While business credit cards can be an attractive way to make company working. So using them as a regular practice is not recommended. But one can always use them to buy a big-ticket when money is temporarily tight. And don`t forget – their misuse can bring a business down.

Forbes business counselors who work with major banks in Leeds City recommend against credit card usage by clients to finance their venture, as it is a first step for business failure.

One way to prevent overspending of your business’s credit card budget is to use strictly one card. Using multiple cards to make all the payments can lead to financial risks.

Be careful with your money and business!

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Are you good at your freelance fuss? Thu, 22 Nov 2018 14:27:31 +0000 Fuss. It might be the most usable word in marketing to freelancers. But what does it actually mean? What does it mean ‘to fuss’? From my freelance experience, making a fuss isn’t something you have the extraordinary of doing, but it’s what you have to do in order to survive. There’s a sense of urgency to the word because let’s clear it up, most of the time we are fussing to pay our bills, purchase food and other stuff. What could actually be more urgent?

In thinking about all these things I may note some qualities I’ve seen in the best among people who make fuss.

And here are they:

  1. They are insistent. The important part is they can hear a negative reaction or answer and still keep going to achieve their goals. Such people see doors shut in their faces as a personal contest to get the next one open. They don`t give up and don`t change course to get what they really want.
  2. They are good in managing their budgets. Such people understand that their regular income totally depends on their employment and amount of work to be done. This month it can be more and another – less. That is why it`s very important to control their money and be informed about every changes and bills to be paid on time. Very often they use digital applications to control their cash flows.
  3. They stay in touch. People who are good at the fuss know and strictly follow idiom ‘out of sight and out of mind’. They know that if they remember clients of their existence, they`ll get a job. Such people are proactive about keeping them updated, following up recent news and tendencies on their new work.
  4. They use all opportunities presented to them.They don’t see a job as a ‘one off’, cause they want to build prospective mutually beneficial collaboration with a client. To make sure they get rehired, they meet deadlines, strive to impress client, make their best to show their skills. They want to make a client thinking positively about their work and be eager to work with them again.
  5. They react adequately to critics.They are always open to learn from someone else’s opinion and look for feedback to improve their knowledge. They know that developing their own skill set is the only way to succeed in the life.
  6. They can deal with competition.Successful hustlers are in touch with reality and know exactly what their levels are. They see competition as motivation to make themselves better and achieve new heights.
  7. They can easily get out of their comfort zones. Good hustlers deal with their fear of going to uncomfortable events, conferences, birthday or other parties that are far away from their home and inconvenient to get to them. They do it intentionally in order to train themselves and to be up-to-date, interesting person.
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Quick Guide to Caitieb App Tue, 20 Nov 2018 14:01:19 +0000 So, you decided to take your finances under control. Great! Now you must think what to do next.

First of all, you need to check out your credit and savings accounts and this will make your budget smarter and controlled. We can help you with managing and reminding when your credit card bills are due.

Than we do automatically detect your recurring Bills and Income with the help of a sophisticated algorithm. This part of the set-up is crucial, as bills and paychecks are n the center of every budget.

The next important step is to set up your monthlygoals. Right now, it may be hard to believe that you could be saving some money but it is so. Just try to believe! Any amount will make you feel better.

Now you are ready to go on. Unique algorithm of our system makes countings based on your incomes, savings goal, transacitions, bills and ongoing expenses. So, it shows how much money is leftover for everyday spending. You will find more information in this article below. And we`ll tell you about Caitieb best features that will help you to control your cash, analyze your expenses and spend less.

1. Transactions 

As you know, Caitieb automatically pulls out transactions from your accounts when you link them to the app. You can view the full list from all connected accounts on the special tab. In case you don’t want to see them, you can find out how to hide it here: How to hide my transactions/ Your transactions are automatically divided into various categories (we call them “wallets”), depending on the merchant concerned. Unfortunately, application sometimes identifies a merchant or category incorrectly. We are working on improving it.

To change the category of a transaction, just open its details > tapwallet and choose the new one. Caitieb will also learn from your preferences as it goes along.

Find more information on merchants and categories here:

2. Spending pie-chart 

So, you can go ahead and analyze your budget. The perfect tool for this purpose is our special spending chart. It shows all the cash flows you’ve made over the current month divided into categories. It’s the best way to see where your money goes. Read more about this function here:  Spending Chart

3. Spending limits 

With this perfect function you will stop making overspendings.

Sometimes its hard for people to stop spending money. They buy 10 pairs of shoes, another pair of jeans, grab another coffee and so on.

All these extra expenses can reach an impressive amount that you can safe or invest into something.

Now, it`s time to set limits! Go to Planning>Set a limitand create spending limits for the current month. You will always get notified when you are about to cross the line.

More information about this function: Spending Limits

5. Adding more accounts 

If the current number of accounts is not enough, you can add more.To see the full list of available accounts, go to Settings > Edit accounts.

6. Savings 

Don`t forget to safe your money by adding a special account. A little advise: make transfers towards your savings aims just after getting a paycheck.

To learn more:  Savings

7. In My Wallet

“In My Wallet” shows how much money is left for your everyday spending after all other transactions made.

We recommend checking your “In My Wallet” daily or at least weekly . It will rescue you from all those impulse overspendings.

In case you have any problems with “In My Wallet”, please send an alert to

Now have all the basics to get the most out of Caitieb App.

We are always there for you!

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